Members wok out on Jacobs Ladders at Inception Gym, Christchurch

At Inception, we believe that fitness is a journey best undertaken with friends and family. That's why we're excited to introduce our Referral Program, designed to benefit both you and the people you bring into our community.

How It Works
Refer a Friend

Share your love for Inception Gym with a friend, family member, or colleague. Bring them in for a free trial train during staffed hours, or simply let them know they should give Inception a go. However you do it, your task is to plant the seed, it's that simple.

They Join

Your friend signs up on a fixed term contract with Inception. Be it a 12 or 24 month, special or standard membership, when they commit to joining Inception, they'll be asked how they heard about us. They'll reference your name, job done!

You Get Rewarded

As a token of our appreciation, within a week of your friend joining, you'll receive a $100 voucher to be used in store towards our exclusive Inception Labs range. Inception Labs is not just another sports supplement brand. It's a promise of performance, backed by rigorous scientific research.

Referral Program Criteria

You'll need to make sure you're on an open, 12 month or 24 month term membership with Inception Gym at the time of referral. Your friend must join on a 12 or 24 month term, or pay 12 or 24 month upfront.

And remember, your $100 referral voucher is redeemable in a single transaction, so if you select a product below this value, add a second product or a shaker to redeem the full value. Any residual value will be forfeited on transaction completion.

Don't Just Refer for the Reward

While the Inception Labs gift is our way of saying thank you, the real reward is the enriched experience you and your friend will share at Inception Gym. By referring someone, you're not just bringing them to a gym; you're introducing them to a community that will support and inspire them, just as it has for you.

Ready to Refer?

Join us in making the Inception community even stronger. Share the gift of health and well-being today!