Matt & Elise Walley of Inception Labs, Christchurch.

The Inception Story

Inception Gym was founded by Dr Matt Walley and his wife Elise in June 2022. However, the Inception story began all the way back in 2002 when Matt started his PhD in Cognitive Decision Making. This journey led him to stumble upon research into neuropharmacology, sparking a lifetime career and fascination with improving human longevity through biohacking, physical training, and supplementation.

Following Matt's PhD research, he successfully built and sold several businesses, including a sale to Mighty Ape in 2014. He has worked as a consultant in the field of psychographic analysis for clients in New Zealand, Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, England, South Africa, and the United States, including MyProtein, Skellerup, and Eaton.

In 2016, Matt founded Supplement Solutions, an online and in-store retailer in NZ, providing sports performance and general health and wellness supplements. The focus of Supplement Solutions is not to follow the status quo and push commercial brands commonly known in the market but to trailblaze by offering innovative and leading-edge products that maximize customer outcomes.

In 2021, Matt and Elise founded Inception Labs with the purpose of creating novel science-led sports supplements that deliver exceptional results for customers. Utilizing Supplement Solutions as a platform for retail and wholesale growth, Inception Labs has expanded to be stocked and supported in over 100 retail locations across seven countries.

Inception Gym is one of the final pieces of Inception Group, a collection of entities focused on improving the human experience through end-to-end health and fitness services. Our gym follows the same ethos as our other companies - to be different, not to follow the status quo, and to be better. Inception Gym is renowned for its world-class facilities, vast and diverse equipment selection, friendly and knowledgeable staff, immaculate presentation, and exceptional community.

As a 100% locally owned and operated business, Inception Group is committed to providing an offering tailored to the needs of its members and customers.